Working together for Early Learning and Care

Covid-19 represents a major challenge for the early learning and care and school-age childcare sector. It changes the way we all must work. With that in mind, the Department is bringing together resources, training and advice to support you through this time.

A number of support organisations are available to service providers for advice and guidance on reopening. DCYA’s role is to provide oversight and promote coordination and consistency in the quality practice supports provided by various support organisations.

Below we highlight supports available from sector organisations, but your first point of reference for the latest information on current public health measures and financial supports available should be DCYA guidance for reopening.

Where do providers go for help?

In general providers will continue to make contact through their local City and County Childcare Committee (CCC) or associated support organisation (NVCO/Irish language organisation).

Better Start will take direct contact from providers along with recommendations for support from CCCs/NVCOs. Better Start Specialists have the capacity to facilitate potentially longer queries and requests for support.

While it is important that referrals are made where appropriate between all organisations, if an organisation can answer a provider query they should do so.