Public Health

Health Guidance [Updated 23rd August 2022]

The priority for Early learning and Care (ELC) and School-Age Childcare (SAC) settings in Ireland operating during COVID-19 will be to ensure the health and safety of children, families and staff, while continuing to ensure quality practice to support children's well-being, learning and development. This section provides some helpful documents on health and safety.

Guidance for you and your setting
  • Communications to providers on 25 of February regarding updated public health advice for ELC and SAC Settings, effective 28 February [Download Here]
  • Note informing early learning and childcare providers of updated public health guidance, effective 28 February [Download Here]
  • FAQs for Primary School Principals, Early Learning and Care (ELC) and School Age Childcare (SAC) Managers or those hosting sports/social activities for children aged 3 months to less than 13 years, 2 March 2022 [Download Here]
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